Plant-Based Take Over

This month we’re showcasing some of our favourite plant-based recipes. Perfect for vegetarians and vegans, and anyone looking to try out plant-based eating, they also have the added benefit of being low in sugar thanks to Total Sweet Xylitol. Remember though, there’s no need for special recipes when using Total Sweet Xylitol- you can use it to replace granulated sugar like for like and get the same great tasting results, but with the added satisfaction that you’ve dramatically cut down on the amount of sugar you’ve put into your body.

Our plant-based picks:

A firm favourite from TV chef Phil Vickery: Phil's Vegan Apple Olive Oil & Pinenut Cake

Vegan blogger, The Healthy Beard, always surprises with his creative desserts: The Healthy Beard Vegan Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

A yummy summer dessert to share at BBQs and garden parties: Raspberry Coconut Flan

We all need a bit of ice-cream in our lives: Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Apple-bob your way to a quick and easy dessert: Spiced Baked Apples

Have you created your own plant-based dessert using Total Sweet Xylitol? Send us your recipe here and we’ll put our favourites up on social media and send you a bag of product to say thank you.

Please remember: don’t be tempted to give your dog any food containing Total Sweet or any other xylitol product.

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We’ve worked with Fiona McDonald Joyce, one of the UK’s leading nutritional chefs, to create nine recipes which allow those on low sugar, low fat diets to enjoy all the flavour and sweetness of classic tea time treats and puddings whilst still following the dietary guidelines for those with diabetes*.

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